Updated contact details

Hi folks, we’ve updated the contact details to make it easier to find us. Check out our Contacts Page.

Bassendean Total Health Care

Address: 15 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, WA, 6054

Phone: 08 9279 1805

Fax: 08 9279 3943

Email: jdtherapy (at) jomida.com

Also how to make a referral to Joshua Davidson Therapy

Website revamp

Our previous domain name holder was messing us around again so we went through a painful 2 week transition to move the domain name control to another website. Our website host remained excellent, but without the domain name control we had no way to point traffic to the correct part of the internet.

Phew – back up and running. Then our pages broke, requiring quite a revamp of how our site looks and some re-writing of background code.

Hope you like the new look and feel :-D