Welcome to JoMiDa

Jomida is an organisation created to facilitate the ideas of Thriving becoming a basic social understanding. It is only when ideas become main stream in society that they truly have impact upon everyone.

The Thriving Framework is a concept developed by Joshua Davidson. In short, Thriving is the target that people work towards. Each persons targets will be unique, so the method of moving from where you are to a state of Thriving will need to be customised for each individual. Moving towards Thriving can be your own private journey, or it can be something that you collaboratively assist others to do.

A great question to ask yourself is “Am I thriving?”

If your answer is “Yes – I am thriving”, that is fantastic. Ask yourself “Where do I want to go from here?”

If your answer is “No – I’m not thriving”, then ask yourself “What would it look like if I am thriving?” The answer to this is your first insight into what you need to do to begin intentionally moving from where you are now in life towards what life would be like if you were thriving.

These pages are full of information and possibilities that may apply to helping you move forwards towards thriving.